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The Clean Power Plan, a nationwide policy to protect the climate through increased use of clean energy, is being threatened by Congress. Don't let them put your health and your children’s future at risk!

Ask Your Iowa State Legislators to vote NO on Nuclear Rate Hikes

April 19, 2011

MidAmerican Energy continues to lobby the Iowa state legislature to increase your electricity bills to pay for risky new nuclear reactor projects. This legislation is up for consideration this week. If it passes, you will pay higher electricity rates for up to 40 years, starting as soon as the Iowa Utility Board approves a project and a decade or more before a reactor goes online. 

Nuclear power is uneconomical, polluting, and a public health threat.

This is an industry plagued by cost overruns, construction problems, loan defaults, bankruptcies, and accidents. As the nuclear industry tries to resuscitate itself and promote a new wave of construction, taxpayers and ratepayers alike should not bear the burdens of this completely unsafe investment. 

Tell your Iowa state Senator and Representative that you oppose increased electricity bills for risky new reactors and urge them to vote against SF 390/HF 561!

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