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We shouldn’t be exposed to dangerous chemicals from food containers. Tell the Food and Drug Administration to withdraw its approvals of thirty ortho-phthalates as additives in food contact articles.

Iowa PSR Meeting

January 13, 2014
Iowa City, Iowa

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: I-PSR office, 20 East Market St., Room 200.

I-PSR regular meeting with a focus on climate change.

Despite all the disasters, all the efforts of environmentalists to date, the pursuit and use of fossil fuels continues unabated.  Levels of greenhouse gases continue to rise.  Human health is acknowledged to be a significant and increasingly important challenge due to the increasingly chaotic climate--yet many remain minimally informed, indifferent to the risks.  The rest of the National Climate Assessment to be issued in early 2014 has a chapter on human health.  A draft version of the report was released by the IPCC early in 2013 providing an overview of key issues and links to recent research.

We (Iowa PSR) are preparing to increase the noise across Iowa--especially within circles of health providers--re. the health impacts of climate change.   In addition to materials explored by Wendy Ring in her Climate 911 tour and the ethical perspective presented last month by Carolyn Raffensperger, this assessment should be especially helpful as we work to construct a focused climate campaign to engage health care providers.  Adding the voices of respected health care providers should help move forward efforts to roll back the drivers of climate change.  There are times when it's hard to clearly understand and focus on the "gravest" threats posed by a changing climate--is it health, food or water availability?  In reality, it's all three.  All life  and health as we know it depends on our climate--using an ethical and health centric focus can help us move public discourse in a more effective direction.

Please plan to join us as we further design, focus and give form to this critically important effort.