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Greater Kansas City

  • PSR to EPA: Protect health, slash carbon emissions

    Climate change is one of the greatest threats to health in the 21st century, making it urgent that we slash carbon emissions. The EPA's proposed rule to limit carbon emissions from new coal-fired power plants gives us an opportunity to do just that. Barbara Gottlieb, PSR's Director of Environment and Health, testified before the EPA, calling on them to pass a strong rule.

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  • Big Win in Kansas City. Nukes on the Ballot!

    Our PSR chapter, their local coalition partners, and supporters around the world are celebrating a tremendous win. After months of delay and obstruction the Kansas City City Council voted to put our citizen's initiative on the ballot. In April 2013, voters will have a chance to raise their voices for peace and sanity. Our Kansas City chapter played a key role in this long and ground breaking battle. Power to the People!  

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  • Putting Nuclear Weapons on the Ballot! PSR KC Leads the Nation.

    PSR/Kansas City is leading a coalition aimed at stopping the construction of a nuclear weapons parts plant in their community.  The innovative organizing by PSR staff Ann Suellentrop, MSRN and Alicia Dressman is inspiring activists all over the nation and the world.  As part of their campaign, they have collected thousands of signatures - enough to put this issue before the voters of Kansas City. Read more on this ballot initiative. 

    Also, don't miss this short video of PSR Board member Ira Helfand, MD speaking during a recent 1 More 4 Zero tour in KC to a crowd of 400 at the local Occupy protest.

  • Foolish Investment: The Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Complex

    Kansas City Peace Planters, a  coalition of local groups including PSR, has created an important site named "Foolish Investment" to educate concerned citizens on what is being done to oppose the nuclear weapons complex in their city.

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  • Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

    The Toolkit is a combination of easy-to-use reference guides for health providers and user-friendly health education materials on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals and other substances that affect infant and child health. Read more »


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