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Let's tell the candidates that we’re worried about climate change, and we want to know what they are going to do about it.

Climate Change

“The complexities of policies to mitigate human-induced climate change are clear. Meanwhile, additional resources and strategies will be needed to reduce the health risks related to global change that have already arisen or are now unavoidable. For populations to live sustainably and with good long-term health, the health sector must work with other sectors in reshaping how human societies plan, build, move, produce, consume, share, and generate energy.Globalization, Climate Change, and Human Health, Anthony J. McMichael, M.B., B.S., Ph.D., N Engl J Med 2013; 368:1335-1343, April 4, 2013

Since the release in 2000, of PSR Maine’s report “Death by Degrees:  The Emerging Health Crisis of Climate Change in Maine” much of what we know about climate has remained the same, but we also recognize there is increasingly new information including the importance of climate adaptation as it relates to public health.

PSR Maine's Climate Change Committee, like all other PSR Maine committees, is comprised of PSR Maine membership, partners, and others who desire to contribute more fully to the issue. We actively seek to work in partnerships and collaborations where our medical expertise is needed and where new partnerships will enhance our work.

We recognize that there are layers to the discussion as there are multiple factors that contribute to climate change that include greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, and air and particulate pollution -- all of which contribute to climate change and public health threats. Additionally there are multiple ways to mitigate climate change including energy conservation, reforestation, carbon tax, alternative energies, and more. Climate change is a complex issue with many dimensions.

PSR Maine’s Climate Change Committee is committed to raising awareness around the issue of the health effects of climate change, and in keeping with our mission. We will also advocate for climate change mitigation and adaptation public policy locally and nationally as it relates to the health of Maine citizens. We strive to be the public health source and expertise on climate mitigation and adaptation in Maine.

We are currently engaged in updating our 2000 report “Death by Degrees:  The Emerging Health Crisis of Climate Change in Maine.”


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