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  • 2014 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship Awards Ceremony

    Please join us this Friday, April 25th, as we celebrate the high school student winners of Oregon PSR's 2014 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship.

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  • Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

    Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public healthOregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival by striving to end the nuclear threat, advance environmental health, protect our climate and promote peace.

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  • Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Reactor’s Earthquake Risks are Underestimated, Physicians Call for Shutdown

    A local geologist examining existing knowledge of the seismic activity on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the Mid-Columbia basin has concluded that the earthquake standards set for the Northwest’s only commercial nuclear power plant are at least 300% lower than should be required.

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  • Robert McCullough Studies the Economics of Retiring the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Plant at Hanford

    Oregon and Washington PSR have commissioned the noted economist to study the true costs of the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant at Hanford.

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Focus Areas

  • Peace

    Oregon PSR works to end the threat of nuclear weapons, educate about the health effects of war and encourage young people to consider their role in creating a peaceful future through our peace writing contest.

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  • Environmental Health

    We are exposed to environmental toxicants every day; in our food, water, the air we breathe, and the personal care products we absorb through our skin. For some of these chemicals, such as lead and mercury, there is no known threshold of "safe" exposure, while for others we lack even basic information about risks of exposure.

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  • HCWH Logo Healthy Food Program

    The Oregon Health Care Without Harm Program works with Oregon healthcare facilities on sustainability and greening of buildings and operations. Program areas include sustainable food systems, clinical advocacy and sustainable hospitals.

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  • Nuclear Power

    Current goals for the Washington and Oregon PSR Joint Nuclear Power Task Force include closing the Columbia Generating Station, the Northwest's only remaining nuclear power plant, and blocking construction of new nuclear power plants in our region.

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  • Coal's Assault on Human Health

    Oregon PSR is working to prevent the state of Oregon from promoting or facilitating any coal export infrastructure or related transportation in our state. We understand the significant risks to human health posed by these massive proposed coal shipments across our state and through our communities.

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Latest News & Events

  • Are Coal Trains Degrading the Air We Breathe? The Answer is Yes.
    March 3, 2014

    During the past week, a paper describing the air quality effects of coal trains lumbering through the Pacific Northwest was accepted for publication.

    Source: Cliff Mass Weather Blog
  • Oregon PSR Opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
    February 3, 2014

    Oregon PSR opposes adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the United States, and urges our congressional delegation to oppose the Trade Priorities Act of 2014 and any other similar fast track legislation for the TPP.

  • Oregon PSR Seeks Environmental Health Interns
    January 13, 2014

    The Environmental Health Interns will work independently to review the recent literature and prepare a brief paper describing the human health effects of low-dose exposure to selected environmental toxins, probable sources of those exposures and suggested ways to avoid possible contact, especially for pregnant women and children.

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  • Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

    The Toolkit is a combination of easy-to-use reference guides for health providers and user-friendly health education materials on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals and other substances that affect infant and child health. Read more »

  • Radioactivity and Human Health

    A look at the implications for human health of an accident at a nuclear power reactor, using the 2011 nuclear reactor accident in Fukushima, Japan as a frame of reference. Read more »


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