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Stop Radioactive Waste Trucks

May 16, 2012
Portland, Oregon

Don’t let your family be caught in traffic next to the radioactive trucks

Oregonians will be exposed to over 20,000 truckloads of radioactive hazardous waste traveling on I-5, I-205 and I-84 heading to Hanford Nuclear Reservation if we don’t make our voices heard now! The federal Energy Department (USDOE) wants to use Hanford as a national waste dump for very radioactive wastes.

Washington’s Governor Chris Gregoire can tell Washington’s Dept of Ecology to issue a hazardous waste permit that bars any more wastes going to Hanford. The current draft does not do this and would allow USDOE to “cover up rather than clean up” 40 miles of unlined trenches filled with current radioactive hazardous waste now leaking into the Columbia River.

USDOE estimated over 800 adults would die from cancer due to radiation emitted from the trucks*. Children are three to 10 times more likely to get cancer from the same dose

You can stop the trucks! Attend the only hearing in Oregon on Wednesday May 16th 7:00 p.m. at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion Hotel. A pre-hearing workshop will be held at 6:15. And e-mail Governor Gregoire today and tell her to honor her promise that the permit will mandate clean up first. 

For more info: vist Heart of America Northwest or Follow on Facebook

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*Study conducted on assumptions based on trucks loaded with similar radioactive waste.

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