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Board Positions

Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, Oregon PSR works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. Oregon PSR Board and staff consistently strive to enhance our stature, strength, and credibility as a voice for our members and as a resource for other organizations and the community. Our organization often receives requests for information, support, and/or endorsement on issues that are not the direct focus of our program areas, but which do fall within the scope of our broader mission.

While the board and staff of Oregon PSR have expertise in a number of areas, our time and resources must necessarily be focused: peace and security, nuclear abolition, preventing coal exports, ending nuclear power, protecting environmental health, protecting our climate and ensuring healthy food systems are our priorities. To meet the needs of our members for evidence-based resources consistent with our broader mission, Oregon PSR may adopt formal positions on various subjects when it deems it appropriate. To read more, click here.



(2014) Oregon PSR Opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Fast Track Legislation

Oregon PSR opposes adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the United States, and urges our congressional delegation to oppose the Trade Priorities Act of 2014 and any other similar fast track legislation for the TPP.

Read the full text of our Board Position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

(2014) Oregon PSR supports mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods (GMOs)

We believe consumers have the right to know what is in their food and make informed decisions about what they eat. For more information on mandetory labeling of GMO's, please visit the Oregon Right to Know Campaign.

(2012) Oregon PSR Board Statement on Water Fluoridation

The Board of Directors of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, in response to inquiries regarding an organizational position on water fluoridation adopted the following statement on 4/26/12. 

The Board of Directors of Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility does not have a position on water fluoridation at this time. Our volunteer Environmental Health Work Group will continue to monitor the scientific literature and new research on water fluoridation as part of ongoing work to stay abreast of developments on a broad range of environmental health issues.

Oregon PSR’s volunteer Environmental Health Work Group based the decision to study the safety of water fluoridation on the Precautionary Principle and the questions about possible health risks that were raised in the National Research Council's 2006 report Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards1

For more information on Oregon PSR’s position on water fluoridation, please contact John Pearson, MD. Download the statement.

August 16, 2012
OR PSR Environmental Health (EH) Work Group has amended the OR PSR Board of Directors statement about water fluoridation: It has come to our attention that the Portland City Council may be planning to conduct a vote in September to add fluoride to our water supply. Given the importance of drinking water to everyone, OR PSR EH work group has agreed that this serious issue deserves a full and transparent discussion before a decision is made. We call for a fully informed and civil discourse about the safety and efficacy of water fluoridation prior to a decision.


(2009) Oregon PSR Supports Health Care Reform

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility asserts that promoting health for all is a vital social responsibility. Attention must be paid to social determinants of individual and public health, as well as to the system providing medical care. Oregon PSR asserts that a sound system of health care for the United States would:


o       Ensure for all US residents the right of timely access to effective medical care for an essential set of health conditions.

o       Protect the relationship between patients and providers

o       Strengthen public health services including measures to address the social and environmental determinants of health

o       Ensure that market competition be based on cost, quality and outcomes, not the avoidance of risk

o       Provide a means for the public to set health priorities for the nation or region

o       Be financed in an equitable manner that is sustainable over time


To read more, click here. For board questions on this subject, please contact John Pearson, MD. For grassroots involvement in Oregon, go here.


(2009) Oregon PSR against Oregon Death Penalty

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility expresses deep concern that Oregon law continues to include the death penalty as a possible consequence for certain criminal offences. The death penalty is a direct threat to human life, and has consistently been shown to be ineffective and unjust.


As health care providers and other concerned citizens, we adhere to the philosophy of “heal and do no harm”. Therefore, as an organization, we voice our opposition to the death penalty everywhere, and urge the citizens of Oregon to invalidate Oregon law permitting this penalty in our state at the earliest possible time. 


To read more, click here. For board questions on this subject, please contact Marylou Noble, LPC. For local work on this issue, go to the Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty website.


(2009) Oregon PSR Supports variance on Long Term 2 (LT2) Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility strongly supports the city in pursuing a variance through the EPA with the help our legislative offices, especially Senator Merkley. We also understand the need to move ahead with compliance but are concerned about the huge cost when there are so many other budget demands. 


Go here for details here on a statement ratified by Oregon PSR's board regarding this rule. For board questions on this subject, please contact our staff. For local work on this issue, go here.


Policies that qualify incinerators—including mass-burn, gasification, pyrolysis, plasma, refuse derived fuel and other incinerator technologies—for renewable energy credits, tax credits, subsidies and other incentives present a renewed threat to environmental and economic justice in U.S. communities.


For more information, go here. For board questions on this subject, please contact Joe Miller, PhD.


(2003) Oregon PSR resolution to withdraw from Iraq

Recognizing that the U.S.-led military conflict in Iraq since March 2002 has resulted in the likely death of over 100,000 Iraqi civilians, with untold (and deliberately uncounted) numbers of Iraqi civilian casualties, and with well-documented human rights violations against Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib and other U.S.-controlled facilities. Read the full text of the resolution here.