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Act Now to Prevent Gun Violence

March 1, 2017 - March 1, 2017

We need your help to address the public health crisis of gun violence. On average, one Oregonian dies every day from gun violence and more people die in Oregon each year from guns than from motor vehicle accidents.

Just last summer, the American Medical Association sent out a press release calling gun violence in the United States a public health crisis. For decades, legislation has prevented the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from researching gun violence as the epidemic that it has become.

Oregon PSR believes that increasing gun safety is preventative medicine for this widespread and ongoing crisis. We are teaming up with the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety and other partners to support a number of bills in the upcoming Oregon state legislative session.

Add your name to support our work with Oregon lawmakers on gun violence prevention.

The priorities we will be advocating for include:

  • Establish an Extreme Risk Protective Order: Give families and law enforcement the ability to petition the court to temporarily remove firearms from a person in crisis who is a danger to themselves or others.

  • Close the “boyfriend” loophole: Oregon has strong protections to remove guns from domestic abusers, but we need a broader definition of “domestic relationship” to include unmarried couples and others.

  • Close the Charleston Loophole: Right now, a dealer can sell a gun after three days, even if the background check isn’t done. Instead, require that the background check be completed before a dealer hands over the gun.

  • Require Safe Storage of Guns Around Kids: If someone fails to safely store a firearm and a child gains unintended access to it, they should be held responsible for what happens next.

Add your name today to show your support for these common sense measures to protect public health.