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Get On the Bus for Hanford: North America's Fukushima Rally

April 15, 2012 - April 15, 2012

Please join Oregon PSR, Occupy Portland and other concerned individuals and organizations for a rally in Richland, WA, near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, one of the most dangerously polluted places on Earth. The rally will feature speakers, performers and activities, and will draw connections between the radioactive contamination of Hanford and the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan. Speakers will include Dr. Helen Caldicott, along with Oregon PSR volunteers Maye Thompson, RN, PhD and Chuck Johnson, among others.

When: Sunday, April 15th from noon until 5 PM

Where: John Dam Plaza in Richland, WA

*Occupy Portland is organizing 2 buses to take participants to and from Richland for this rally. For more information, and to reserve your spot on a bus, please go here.

Occupy Portland’s goals for the events are:

*To push the effort to clean up Hanford higher up the list of priorities of the government and people of the United States

*To increase funding for Hanford cleanup while also increasing transparency and efficiency

*To call for measures to protect against profiteering and conflicts of interest

*To unite the people of all communities affected by the Hanford situation (including, but not limited to, Native communities, early settlers forced to relocate, Hanford employees, downwinders and residents of the Tri-Cities area) in both calling for and finding solutions to the problems caused by Hanford’s past in order to ensure the health and dignity of future generations.

For more information, including a full list of event speakers and performers and background on Hanford issues, please go here.