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Remember Mosier: Take Action Today

April 10, 2017

Remember the fiery oil train derailment in Mosier in 2016? Evacuations, a school closure, a hazardous plume of oily smoke, the loss of the town's drinking water system, the destruction of its sewer system, contamination of ground water and the Columbia River, and the threat to tribal treaty rights? We know that oil-by-rail is inherently unsafe, but until it’s stopped, Oregon legislators need to do everything in their power to protect our health, our safety and the most vulnerable among us.

Please send a letter of support for HB 3344 and HB 2131.

The Oregon legislature’s House Committee on Energy & Environment is considering important bills that would strengthen protections and address risks from dangerous oil trains. One new bill, HB 3344, would bolster Oregon’s ability to review and potentially deny dangerous oil terminals. A second bill, HB 2131, would require additional safety and financial responsibility measures by railroads. The first hearings on these bills were yesterday. Oregon PSR was in Salem yesterday, and we'd very much appreciate your timely action now to safeguard our communities.

Let your elected representatives know that you support HB 3344 and HB 2131.

HB 2131 and HB 3344 are assigned to the House Committee on Energy and Environment. Here's some information about the bills, and please read our fact sheet for additional information:  

HB 2131 would require additional contingency planning by railroads, levy fees to build up Oregon’s oil spill contingency fund, and require railroads to demonstrate financial responsibility to pay for a worst-case spill. 

HB 3344 adds to the financial responsibility requirement for railroads by addressing oil terminals themselves. HB 3344 prevents state funding for oil and coal terminals and adds a “balancing test” that empowers Oregon Department of State Lands to consider the impact of oil terminals on public resources. It also prohibits the legislature from funding oil or coal terminals.

Tell the House Committee on Energy & Environment and your legislator to support HB 2131 and HB 3344 today.