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Oregon PSR Celebrates 30 Years of Work for a Healthy & Peaceful World

April 15, 2011
Portland, Oregon

Oregon PSR Board Member Fran Storrs, MD with 2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest Winners Erica Marinowski, Tashina Rushlow, and Maria Ramirez.

Oregon PSR's annual awards dinner, which this year celebrated our 30th Anniversary, was held on April 15th at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. Our most sincere thanks to all of the volunteers, sponsors, table captains, and guests for making the event such an unqualified success! Our special thanks, also, to the high school student winners of our 2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest. We believe that the ideas of these young peace visionaries, when carried to fruition through an active and sustained commitment to our shared work, will bring about a better world for all of us.

For the past 30 years, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility has worked to eliminate the gravest threats to human health and survival. This year's dinner, in addition to honoring the high school student winners of the 2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest, looked back on some of our most significant achievements over the past three decades while looking forward to our upcoming plans for creating a healthier and more peaceful world.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for fellowship, a time to reconnect with old friends and, we hope, to meet a few new ones. As our keynote speaker reminded us, some of the most successful movements for the betterment of our species were hatched around dinner tables by concerned citizens like you, like us, sharing our ideas and affirming our commitment  to doing this often challenging work.

Keynote Speaker Jody Williams greets an Oregon PSR supporter.

For all who attended, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the event. We were honored to have Ronault “Polo” Catalani, coordinator of the City of Portland’s New Portlander Programs, moderate the evening's proceedings, and we appreciate the amazing job that Polo did. We hope that you enjoyed the jazz, latin, and original compositions of our musical performers, the Blake Lyman & Ben Graves Duet, as well as the delicious locally sourced, organic and sustainable food that was served. Our thanks go to the staff of the Oregon Zoo for their invaluable assistance with so many aspects of the event.

We also hope that you were inspired by our peace writing contest First Prize winner Erica Maranowski, who read her winning essay, On Cultural Roots of Peace and Violence, to the thunderous applause of our audience. We were very pleased to have Erica in attendance at the event, along with other contest winners Tashina Rushlow and Maria Ramirez and their guests. To read the winning entries for our 2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest, please go here.

Guests at Oregon PSR's 30th Anniversary Dinner.

Our keynote speaker, Jody Williams, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for her work as founding coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Jody has been doing a lot of work recently on nuclear weapons abolition, partnering with our international umbrella group, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW). We were honored to have Jody speak to our group, to share her enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach to building peace, and we hope that Jody’s words energized you to continue helping us in this important work.

We believe that Jody's message was clear, and it is one that we share: only by organizing ourselves, by directly and clearly defining and communicating our support for a healthier and more peaceful world and by raising our collective voice (often, and loudly) against the injustice inherent in so many of the issues that we work on will progress be made. We know that you, our supporters, care deeply about the abolition of nuclear weapons, ending the encroaching toxicity of our environment, ensuring a safe and sustainable food supply, and reversing the effects of global warming. The staff, Board and volunteers of Oregon PSR will continue to do all that we can to bring our unique medical, public health and science-based perspective to these issues, and to solicit your involvement and leverage your support to create the healthy and peaceful world that we believe is our fundamental human right. Thank you so much for joining us in these efforts!

The Blake Lyman and Ben Graves Duet.

Oregon PSR supporters Chisao Hata and Michael Douglas.

Keynote Speaker Jody Williams at Oregon PSR's 30th Anniversary Dinner.

Polo Catalani, Event Emcee for Oregon PSR's 30th Anniversary Dinner.

2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest 1st Place Winner Erica Maranowski.

2011 Greenfield Peace Writing Contest Winners Erica Maranowski, Tashina Rushlow, and Maria Ramirez.