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Tell Governor Kitzhaber: Consider the Public Health Impacts of Coal Exports

July 9, 2012
Topic: Coal

Oregon's Department of State Lands is currently considering the first of three proposals to move huge amounts of coal from Montana and Wyoming through Oregon to Asia. As a group of health care providers and public health advocates, we understand the significant risks to human health posed by massive coal shipments on our rivers and through our communities.

We believe that, at the very least, Governor Kitzhaber must review both a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment and a full Environmental Impact Statement before allowing any Oregon agency to grant a permit for any such project. Help us by joining your colleagues in requesting the development of a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment.

If you are a physician, please read the Position Statement on Coal Exports from concerned Oregon physicians to Governor Kitzhaber to learn more about public health threats associated with proposed coal export through Oregon. Add your name to the statement, or contact Regna Merritt for more details.

If you are a (non-physician) health professional, public health advocate or if you work in the health community, please read our letter to Governor KitzhaberAdd your name to this letter, or contact Regna Merritt for more details.

We are glad to learn that Governor Kitzhaber has called for a thorough review of coal export proposals and hope that he will continue to stand up for the health of Oregonians.


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