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We have two weeks left until the Senate is expected to vote on the Iran deal, your Senator is undecided, and we need every possible vote we can get. Please call now and urge your Senator to vote "yes" for the Iran deal.

Oregon Healthy Food in Health Care Newsletter

The Oregon Healthy Food in Health Care newsletter is an effort of the HFHC team to further engage Oregon hospitals in sustainable food work. This quarterly publication provides updates about sustainable food efforts at participating HFHC hospitals as well as information about projects within the initiative, increases opportunities to make connections with community partners, and provides information that is useful to and supportive of hospitals working to increase the health and sustainability of the food they serve. 


While directed mainly at Oregon food and nutrition service employee and staff members, the newsletter can be enjoyed by any individual interested in improving the health and sustainability of food served in health care settings.


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Newsletter Issues:


July/August/September 2014
April/May/June 2014

January/February/March 2014

October/November/December 2013
July/August/September 2013

April/May/June 2013

January/February/March 2013
October/November/December 2012

July/August/September 2012
January/February/March 2012
October/November/December 2011

July/August/September 2011

April/May/June 2011

January/February 2011

November/December 2010
September/October 2010

July/August 2010
May/June 2010