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Healthy Food in Health Care Project

Oregon Healthy Food in Health Care Project

Project Purpose

Oregon PSR partners with Health Care Without Harm's Healthy Food in Health Care (HFHC) program on the Oregon HFHC Project to employ market-based forces to increase demand for sustainably produced foods, improve hospital food quality, educate the public, and bolster the local economy. The principal goal of the project is to leverage the significant purchasing power and influence of hospitals to support regional markets for sustainable food and to model healthy food choices to the public.

Project Background

Current food production and distribution systems have wide ranging impacts on the quality of ecosystems and their communities. For example, pesticides, large animal feedlot operations and fertilizer overuse pollute our air and water. Agriculture related occupational health and socio-economic impacts on rural communities resulting from the decline of family farms are a growing concern. Nutrition suffers as the quantity of calories, fat, salt, sweeteners, and meat and dairy products are increased, while the quantity of vegetables and grains are decreased in our food supply.

Hospitals and health systems have opportunities to help prevent environmental degradation, diet related disease and health concerns by modeling good nutrition in their institutions and influencing how food is produced and distributed. Through its food purchasing decisions, the U.S. health care industry can promote health by providing sustainability produced, nutritionally dense food choices for patients, staff and the community. And by supporting food production that is local, humane and protective of the environment and the public, health care facilities can lead the way in helping redefine "health food."

Project Activities
  • Provide educational and networking opportunities to Oregon hospital foodservice staff through Healthy Food in Health Care Roundtables, and other events and forums. 
  • Support implementation at Oregon hospitals through the development of tools and resources.
  • Provide direct technical support to participating hospitals in devising and implementing individual sustainable foodservice plans.
  • Support Oregon hospitals in developing comprehensive sustainable food policies to guide their operations over the long term.

Interested in implementing HFHC at your facility?

  • Learn about the issues by visiting the national Healthy Food in Health Care website for resources and tools.
  • Sign the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge.
  • Attend one of our events!  Click here to learn more about upcoming events and to see an archive of past events, presentations and materials.
  • Join our email list to receive information about upcoming events and new tools and resources.  Send a request to to join the Oregon HFHC Email List.
  • Subscribe to our e-newsletter to learn more about how Oregon HFHC hospitals are working to improve the sustainability of their food services. Click here to learn more!
  • View additional Resources and Links.
  • Download the Oregon Healthy Food in Health Care Project Brochure for an overview of the project.
For individualized support contact: Gretchen Miller, (503) 475-6256