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Seattle City Council Passes Resolution for a Safer, Cleaner Energy Future

June 16, 2016

After a strong outpouring of support from PSR, Heart of America Northwest, and Fellowship of Reconciliation, along with strategic help from the Sierra Club and the Northwest Energy Coalition, Resolution 31667 unanimously passed the full Seattle City Council under the leadership of Council member Kshama Sawant.

Resolution 31667 will: 

  • Reaffirm Seattle City Light’s position of supporting clean and safe electricity production and opposing the use of fossil fuels and new nuclear energy in the generation of electricity;
  • Require an ongoing evaluation of Washington’s existing nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station, on the basis of health, safety, reliability, and cost;
  • Establish the goal of replacing all fossil-fuel and nuclear-generated electricity with increased energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy; and Instruct Seattle City Light to reflect this position in its policies and interactions with other utilities, federal and state agencies, and organizations of which it is a member or participant. 

This Resolution is an important step in moving our region toward a cleaner and safer energy future.

Background Information on Resolution 31667

Residents of Seattle, through their public utility Seattle City Light, have a seat on the state-chartered board that manages  the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power reactor (located on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation). 
This reactor is of similar GE boiling water reactor design to those which suffered catastrophic accidents in Japan. The land where it is located is vulnerable to more than twice the ground motion in an earthquake than the nuclear power plant was designed to withstand.

In addition to being of a proven dangerous design, the CGS has created as many curies of radioactive waste as were produced at Hanford during nuclear weapons production, with no safe disposal site available.

Until now, Seattle has not provided meaningful oversight or asked why Northwest ratepayers are spending, on average, over $100 million a year to subsidize a dangerous nuclear reactor. By agreeing to support Res. 31667, Seattle City Light, Mayor Murray, and the Seattle City Council are on the record in support of our goal for a carbon-free, nuclear-free future in the Northwest.

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