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Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant

News, Articles and Reports on the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Power Plant

Replacing the Columbia Generating Station with Renewable Energy (report by McCullough Research, 2/15/2017)

Closing Richland Nuclear Plant Would Be a Win for Ratepayers, Study Says (article by Ted Sickinger in The Oregonian, 2/18/2017)

Northwest Nuclear Plant Faces Inquiry of Performance, Management (article by Ted Sickinger in The Oregonian, 1/29/16)

NRC requires proof from Energy Northwest that Hanford nuclear plant is safe from earthquakes

(News Release 5/15/15)

Nuclear Free Northwest (website for a coalition of Pacific Northwest organizations working to end nuclear power)

Groups Say Fuel Storage Poses Risk at the Northwest's Lone Commercial Nuclear Plant (article by Ted Sickinger in The Oregonian, 11/23/14)

Groups Seek Closure of Northwest's Only Nuke Plant (KOMO News, 11/20/14)

Hanford Cleanup May Pose Threat to Nearby Workers (article by Gary M. Chittim, King 5 News, 11/19/14)

Seattle-Area Activists Call for Richland Nuclear Plant Shutdown (article by Annette Cary in Tri-City Herald, 11/19/14)

The Hazards of High Level Radioactive Waste in the Pacific Northwest: A Review of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management at the Columbia Generating Station (report by Robert Alvarez, November 2014)

Nuclear Power: A Risky Wager for the Northwest (Guest opinion by Bruce Amundson, MD and Chuck Johnson on Crosscut, 9/11/14)

Seattle City Light's Little Nuclear Share (article by Martha Baskin on Crosscut, 8/20/14)

Kentucky-Fried Politics (article by David Cay Johnston in Newsweek, 1/23/14 edition)

Costly to the Core: How the Nuclear Power Plant No One Knows About is Wasting Your Money (article by Nigel Jaquiss in Willamette Week, 12/11/13 edition)

NEW REPORT: Ratepayers Could Save $1.7 Billion if Aging Nuclear Plant at Hanford is Closed (with links to the economic report by Robert McCullough)

Experts Reach Different Conclusions About Value of Nuclear Plant (article by John Harrison of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council)

Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Reactor's Earthquake Risk Underestimated, Physicians Call for Shutdown (with links to the seismic study by Terry Tolan)

Oregon and Washington PSR Join Forces to Shut NW Nuke Plant (PDF of an article by Chuck Johnson in the Summer 2012 issue ofThe Folded Crane)

Columbia Generating Station: Why relicense a nuclear power plant 10 years early? (Commentary by John Pearson, MD in The Oregonian)

Shut down the Northwest's only nuclear power plant (Commentary by John Howieson, MD in The Oregonian)

Senator Ron Wyden deserves support on nuclear waste safety (Guest opinion by John Pearson, MD in The Oregonian)

Chuck Johnson on the problems of the Columbia Generating Station (Populist Dialogues video with Chuck Johnson)

Nuclear Power Proposed for Nuclear Clean-up at Hanford: The Irony is Unmistakable (blog posting from Columbia Riverkeeper)