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Patient Materials

Healthy Homes

Create a healthy environment for your child's development

Subscribe to the Environmental Health News' Above the Fold daily email

Find out about local campaigns in environmental health and get information on household environmental safety issues from the Oregon Toxics Alliance

What's in your toybox? Search a database to find health alerts on toys

Search or browse a database of environmental health research and toxin information

Get recipes for safe household cleaners through OEC or through Metro

Search or browse a database for finding toxicity and health risks of common household and automotive products

Get tips on sustainable living and outdoor recreation at the Portland area regional government website

Read about how risk assessments work in a report by the California EPA

Generate an in-depth pollution report for your county covering air, water, chemicals, and more at Scorecard, hosted by the Environmental Defense Fund.

Find information about toxics used in industry and household products from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry of the US Department of Health & Human Services

Get an introduction to concepts such as biomonitoring and the precautionary principle from Commonweal

Read about ongoing projects and recent reports about environmental health and protection in Oregon from the Oregon Environmental Council

Find a recycler for the unusual recyclables on the Metro website


In Harm's Way: Neurodevelopment

Find resources in the Northwest from our companion reference list for the In Harm's Way: Toxic Threats to Neurodevelopment presentation.

Get the latest on a variety of environmental health topics with the American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' teleconferences.


Print our Healthy Fish, Healthy Families brochure with wallet reference card on mercury levels (Also in Spanish)

Calculate the amount of mercury you will consume by eating various types of fish

Before your next fishing trip, read up on the current advisories on locally caught fish from the Oregon Department of Human Services

Weigh in on ecological issues when choosing which fish to eat

What to do and what not to do while cleaning up a mercury spill

More on Mercury Contamination and a handy wallet card on safer fish choices

Find out about the suit against the PGE Boardman plant from the Sierra Club or Northwest Environmental Defense Center

Print out a poster about mercury in fish


Reduce low-dose pesticide exposures in infants and children by reading the PSR guide for parents and patients

Get the app to the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce or download a hard copy

Find out about alternatives to common pesticides from the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides

Get pesticide fact sheets from the National Pesticide Information Center


Print out an informative brochure  about how to protect your children from lead poisoning (Oregon DHS)

Get comprehensive information on lead poisoning from Oregon Department of Human Services Lead Prevention Program

Find out about free Portland metro area blood lead level screening at the Josiah Hill Clinic


Visit our Campaign for Safe Foods page

Find out why breastfeeding is still best for baby (English and Spanish)

Get a consumer dairy products guide for rBGH free products in Oregon

Print a smart meat and dairy guide

Find local and sustainable meat and dairy in your area

Print a smart produce guide

Choose veggies and fruits based on the amount of pesticide residues on them

Find your Local Farmers Market in Oregon


Find out which personal care products are safest at Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" Cosmetics Safety Database

Have the latest updates and health concerns about cosmetics

Environmental Working Group's Scented Secrets page on alternative fragrances

BBC 60 second guide to parabens

Toxic Flame Retardants

Watch a one minute film on PBDEs from Northwest Environment Watch

Read a fact sheet from Washington Toxics Coalition on general information, safer options, and alternatives

Look at a study done in the Northwest on PBDEs in breastmilk

Read reports done by the Environmental Working Group:

    • Tainted Catch: Brominated fire retardants (PBDEs) found in San Francisco Bay fish --and people
    • Mother's Milk: Toxic fire retardants (PBDEs) in human breastmilk
    • In the Dust: Fire retardants in dust


Print a guide to safer plastics (PSR)

Print a Ten Simple Ways to Avoid Exposure to Plastics

Read the smart plastics guide (Institute on Agriculture and Trade Policy)

Get an introduction to phthalates and your health with a news article from the Philly Inquirer

Read up on information about Bisphenol A from the U.S DHHS

Read a Styrene fact sheet from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

PVC fact sheet from the Washington Toxics Coalition

Find a range of information on endocrine disruptors at the Our Stolen Future website, which accompanies the book written by Theo Colburn

Get additional sources from our reference list used in our Plastics and Human Health presentation


Read about the health effects of phthalates at the Breast Cancer Fund website

Read a DEHP fact sheet found on

Occupational Cancer Hazards

Learn how to prevent cancer in the workplace by reading the Union Occupational Cancer Hazards Guide


Read about the measures being taken to evaluate the health risks of nanomaterials

Air Pollution

Make the connection between breast cancer and air pollutants with a handout from the Breast Cancer Fund

Chemicals Policy

Find out about the Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008, which banned three phthalates and strengthened lead standards in children's products

Search for bills, get general information and reviews on our current regulations, and see alternative policy drafts compiled by the Lowell Institute for Sustainable Development Chemicals Policy Institute

For more information or to order materials, call 503-274-2720 or contact

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