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We have two weeks left until the Senate is expected to vote on the Iran deal, your Senator is undecided, and we need every possible vote we can get. Please call now and urge your Senator to vote "yes" for the Iran deal.

PSR Philadelphia Is Finalist for Award

September 24, 2009

PSR Philadelphia is one of the finalists for a Toms Of Maine award of $20,000.  There will be 5 finalists determined by vote.  Each person can vote 5 times per day.  Voting is on the TomsofMaine website. Fifty finalists are featured at, where the public can learn more about community efforts around the country and vote to determine which five projects will split $100,000 in funding.

PSR’s sponsored “Legs Against Arms IV 5K run & Celebration of Youth is our featured program.  The concept is to strengthen our legs as we oppose illegal handguns in Philadelphia. Following the run we celebrate the potential of our youth through athletic, poetry, artistic, and performance arts.

Your votes will help us win this impt $20,000 and increase national awareness.  


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