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Tune in October 26-27 for Nuclear Disarmament

Posted by Laicie Olson on October 16, 2009

Take a break from carving that pumpkin and make sure you don’t miss the International Youth Dialogue for Nuclear Disarmament on October 26th and 27th.  The Dialogue will link youth, professionals and experts from the peace, foreign policy, health and environmental communities via live video conference.  Venues include Philadelphia, Mexico City, Moscow and Santa Barbara.  The core aim of the Dialogue is to foster youth leadership, idea-sharing, and cross cultural understanding through citizen diplomacy and to build a comprehensive campaign for nuclear disarmament on this basis of cooperation. 


Special attention will be given to the upcoming Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in 2010, START follow-on negotiations between the U.S. and Russia, missile defense and space weaponry.  Disarmament expert Dr. Hans Blix, Chairman of the WMD Commission and President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, will deliver the keynote address and Tova Fuller, our very own National Student Representative, will speak about Youth Organizing and Advocacy.  Jill Lewis, PSR’s former Deputy Director of Security Programs, will also deliver a speech.


For more information and an agenda for the event, click here.


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