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Support Student PSR members, Kami Veltri & Michelle Gin, as U.S. Ambassadors to the IPPNW 21st World Congress & International Peace Bike Tour in Kazakhstan. Make a donation now to assist in their endeavor as voices for a nuclear weapons-free world.

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Take Action

Celebrate Nuclear Abolition Day by contacting Secretary of State John Kerry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some FAQ. If you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact

How do I start a Student PSR chapter?

How can I locate a Student PSR chapter?

  • Visit the Student PSR Chapter page to see which schools have chapters. Email us for contact information for specific chapters.

How can I locate my local physician PSR chapter?

  • Visit the PSR Chapters page. Your local PSR chapter can be a great resource for helping with events, finding a faculty advisor, and sharing ideas.

How can I obtain printed PSR materials?

  • We are happy to help chapters with events and membership recruitment by providing printed materials. Email us with requests for materials, and please specifythe type of materials (brochures on health effects of nuclear power, generalsecurity information, environmetal information, etc.) and number of pieces needed.
  • We also have PSR lapel pins for members to wear on their white coats - let us know how many you can use.

How can I find a faculty advisor for my chapter?

  • Your local physician PSR chapter is a great place to start. Often these physicianswill have suggestions for who might be interested (or they might volunteerthemselves). If you do not have a local physician chapter you can also contactthe Office of Student Affairs at your school - perhaps your school used to have achapter and there was a previous faculty advisor, or perhaps they will have asuggestion.We suggest that all chapters have faculty advisors to help maintaincontinuity of the chapter from year to year(which can be difficult given the natureof the first two years of medical school), and we are happy to help you find one ifyou are running into difficulties in your attempts.

How can I find a speaker for an event?

  • Again, your local physician PSR chapter can be a great place to start. National PSR and Student PSR also have names of experienced speakers who are happy to do talks for students - email us for more info.