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Security Project Ideas

Below you will find a selection of security project ideas; remember that advertising, media work and documentation can augment an already strong project.  You can advertise your project on our national calendar (email us for details) and submit a project report on our website.  Also, visit our current events page to see what other chapters are up to, and for news about events across the country.


Have a speaker
Contact your faculty advisor, your local PSR chapter, or us to find a security expert.  If the technology is available, we can set you up with video conferencing.  Better yet, consult our security resources, go out on a limb, and hold an event yourself using powerpoint. 

Movie Night
Having a movie night (or day) is a fun way to get folks active and educated.  Rent movies from iTunesNetflix, Hulu, or Amazon or contact us or your local PSR chapter for help obtaining the right film.  Here are a few ideas:

White Light / Black Rain
The Last Atomic Bomb
Arid Lands
The Day After
Dr. Strangelove
The Last Mountain
Countdown to Zero

Partner up with other groups
See our list of security-minded orgs or partner up with other SPSR chapters to cosponsor an event, or attend their events.


Be an e-activist
Join PSR's e-alerts mailing list.

Contact your representatives
Call, email, snail mail or petition your local, state or national representatives about the issue of your choice.

Speak out
We are also hoping to launch a national project wherein US medical students videotape statements about why nuclear weapons matter to them.  All you need to do is prepare a statement, tape it, and send the footage to us to add to a digital archive of these events.  We will make these videos available online to other chapters and our international affiliates in other countries.  

The Shadow Project
The International Shadow Project
 makes chalk shadows on the sidewalk to remember the nuclear shadows and raise awareness of nukes.

Peace Cranes
One tradition in the nuclear abolitionist community is to make cranes for peace.  The tradition arises from the efforts of Sadako Sasaki, a woman born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1943.  Sadako developed leukemia secondary to radiation exposure, and folded paper cranes in hopes of healing herself.  While she died after folding 644 cranes, her classmates completed the project.  Learn how to make cranes or here - this simple project could be done a tabling event, and the cranes could be sent wherever you wish to spread a message of peace.


Take a trip
Visit a silo or nuclear power plant as part of a toxic tour, educational outing or other event.

Feeling ambitious?  Plan a direct action
Street theater using traditional methods from the Catholic workers' movement such as pouring ashes on oneself (to simulate the effects of a nuclear explosion) or using makeup to demonstrate what nuclear weapons injuries look like may seem a bit wild for your taste, but will attract attention and allow you to engage others in dialogue.  Our affiliate, IPPNW, staged a blockade of Faslane in protest of the UK's nuclear weapons production, and UC students staged a hunger strike against weapons production at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories.

Page Updated May 19, 2015

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