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Join PSR to help President Obama use his last months in office to realize his vision of a world without nuclear weapons.


In collaboration with respected medical leaders and experts the conference aims to equip medical advocates with organizing and advocacy skills, plus in-depth education on issues of global importance. Preeminent speakers and experts in the field lead many discussions by providing their medical a advocacy perspectives to foster dialogue and the development of a medical advocacy agenda. Below is a tentative agenda for the conference. Below please view the panels and plenaries that were discussed at our biennial student conference that was held at the George Washington University, April 8-10, 2011.

Friday, April 8

Keynote Salon Discussion: Introduction to Environmental Justice, Health Justice, Peace and Justice

Saturday, April 9

Plenary Panel Spoils of War: Social and Health Costs of a War Economy

Concurrent Sessions


Plenary Panel Confronting Toxics: The Contamination of America

Concurrent Sessions

Medical Advocacy Regional Breakouts

Concurrent Sessions


Sunday, April 10
 Keynote Plenary Safe Energy: The Pursuit of a Renewable Resource

Concurrent Sessions

 Plenary Panel Code Green:Greening Hospitals and Healthcare

Closing Plenary