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The PBS Documentary Command and Control illustrated the risks of maintaining nuclear arsenals. We need your help to stop a whole new nuclear arms race.

Coal Plant Retirement Grant

Austin PSR has been given an incredible opportunity to expand our work in one of our key areas of strength and expertise – advocating for the retirement of dirty coal-fired electrical generation plants. Austin PSR received this grant in partnership with National PSR from the Energy Foundation to work on coal plant retirement statewide over the next year. This grant will extend the work we’ve done for the past 10 years to engage and collaborate with the public health community and with health professionals who treat patients everyday who are suffering from air borne contaminants.  We will add a crucial public health voice to move Texas away from using coal and into cleaner and more sustainable power generation methods.

But, We Need Your Support!
The Energy Foundation has generously offered to match every dollar we raise up to $10,000.

Simply stated - Every dollar you donate allows us to do twice as much work!
If you want to help end coal’s stranglehold over Texas’ power generation, decrease carbon emissions, and directly impact Texas’ air quality, please help us reach our goal with your charitable donation.

Suggested levels of giving:
$1,000  - Hero
$500  - Advocate
$100 - Supporter

The following graphic illustrates the status of our fundrasing efforts as of: 7/14/2013.

Of course, any amount helps, and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Although we passed our deadline we will continue to collect funds throughout the project to support our efforts. Please consinder becoming a donor.

Please send you checks to 604 Corral Lane, Austin TX 78745 or feel free to donate online on Austin PSR’s website.

Action Alerts

  • Help stop this dangerous Trump nominee!

    Help stop Scott Pruitt – climate change denier, mouthpiece for the oil and gas industry – from being chosen as next Administrator of the EPA. Add your name to our petition now.

  • Tell Congress: Protect our Health -- Oppose extreme anti-health bills

    Congress should ensure that federal agencies enforce laws that protect our water, air quality and public health--not curb the power of those agencies to carry out their mission. Tell your representative you oppose the REINS Act and the Midnight Rule Relief Act of 2017.

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  • Video: Health Impacts of Coal

    For this webinar, PSR's Dr. Alan Lockwood presented an overview of the life cycle of coal and the impact on air, water, climate change, and our economy. Read more »

  • Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit

    The Toolkit is a combination of easy-to-use reference guides for health providers and user-friendly health education materials on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals and other substances that affect infant and child health. Read more »