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Heat Advisory: Protecting Health on a Warming Planet
by Dr. Alan Lockwood

Drawing on peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, Dr. Lockwood meticulously details the symptoms of climate change and their medical side effects.

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Clean Air & Climate Change

One of Texas PSR’s focus area is Clean Air & Climate Change.  We work to educate the public on the impact on health from the quality of air and climate change.  In 2015, Texas PSR has many successes:

Clean Air & Climate Change

Texas PSR’s major activities and accomplishments:

Co-published four opinions/commentaries across the state:

Austin American Statesman 

Aug. 18, 2015

Clean Power Plan a Win for Texas Health, Economy and Climate

McAllen Monitor, Aug. 24, 2015

A Clean Power Plan for All Americans and Texans

Houston Chronicle, Sept. 2, 2015

Clean Power Plan is a Victory for Public Health

Pittsburgh Business Times

Sept. 4, 2015

Pennsylvania to Host “Listening Sessions” about Clean Power Plan

  • Texas PSR Board Member co-published an article, “Members take action to reduce effects of climate change” in The American Nurse 
  • Submitted comments to the EPA on their proposal to lower the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone 
  • Submitted a written statement for the rally for EPA’s public hearing for regional haze 
  • Provided input into legislative priorities as a member of the Texas Pubic Health Coalition (TPHC)
  • Texas PSR Board members were invited to participate in a Climate Roundtable hosted by the City of Austin Mayor, specifically to meet and dialogue with Christy Goldfuss, the new director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality 
  • Texas PSR Board Member spoke at a Clean Power Plan press conference at Austin City Hall.  Other speakers included Mayor of Austin, several City Council members, State Representatives and other local organizations.  This event was picked up by numerous local and state-wide newspapers and television news channels
  • Texas PSR Board Member, spoke at a press conference to call our nation's leaders to advocate for a stronger resolution on climate change at the United Nations Climate Conference 

In 2016, Texas PSR has a continued focus to educate the public on the health impacts of air quality and climate change.  As an active member of the TPHC, a coalition of health professional organizations and health-focused organizations dedicated to disease prevention and health promotion.  The purpose of the coalition is to reduce preventable disease by advancing effective public policies that promote a safe and healthy environment and healthy behaviors for all Texas residents. 


On the Coalition, Texas PSR represents the medical voice for environmental issues.  While the TPHC has typically prioritized non-environmental public health threats, with the creation of the Non-Communicable Disease working group, Texas PSR is raising the awareness of public health threats due to environmental factors - air quality and water quality.  Most recently, Texas PSR submitted three legislative priorities to be considered by the working group:


(1) Consider shutting down or a rapid phase-out of our dirtiest coal plants as an appropriate state-determined compliance strategy to reduce carbon emissions, thus improving the health of young Texans.

(2) Establish an interim study committee to identify municipalities in Texas with aging water systems, possibly leaching lead into drinking water, with documentation from child blood lead levels (Medicaid data), by census tract or zip code.  

(3) Establish an emergency fund to support local communities to replace aging water systems that may leach lead into drinking water.

If selected as a priority, then the TPHC and its member organizations will advocate for specific policies, programming, and funding to address the priority item.