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When natural gas and oil are extracted, methane -- a potent greenhouse gas -- leaks into the atmosphere from the wells, compressors, pipes and other infrastructure. Tell EPA to regulate methane now!


Being located in Austin, Austin PSR has the benefit of being able to participate in both the local and state legislative process.

Several members of Austin PSR routinely present to the full Texas Legislature or various health policy sub-committes. Additionally, members meet with governmental agencies such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Austin PSR has setup a webpage specificially designed to track the 83rd Texas Legislature.

Please feel free to use this website to track Ausitn PSR's key issues of:

Climate Disruption
Air Quality
Alternative Energy
Hydrologic Fracturing
Water Quality
Radioactive Waste Storage
Environmental Policy
Gun Violence
Nutrition and Health
Health Care Access