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Let's tell the candidates that we’re worried about climate change, and we want to know what they are going to do about it.


Author: Chris Masey

Texas PSR's Monthly Newsletters

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Summer 2014 Newsletter

Texas PSR's Summer 2014 Newsletter - includes an action item to support the EPA's Clean Power Plan, newly approved Hydraulic Fracking "Fracking" Policy/Position statement, editorials and advocacy on radioactive waste storage, Austin Energy's Power Generation Plan, EFH's bankruptcy, support of Laredo's single-use bag ban, and new information on  the Texas Environment and Public Health Google Group, and Texas PSR's Wordpress site. Enjoy!

April 2014 Newsletter

April's newsletter includes an a sign-on letter to ask Congress to close a fracking waste disposal loophole, a sign-on letter to stop the use of dangerous BPA substitutes, report on the newly formed Nutrition and Health Committee, an interactive map for county health rankings, and Texas PSR activities for the month of April. 

March 2014 Newsletter

March's newsletter includes Texas PSR's editorial in the Houston Chronicle on TSCA reform, information and action about fracking, a petition to the FDA for responsible use of antibiotics, an update on the City of Austin's generation plan and Fayette Power Plant, and upcoming lectures and events.

February 2014 Newsletter

February's newsletter includes a lecture announcement and summaries of past lectures. In addition, information on the current issues surrounding the Fayette Power Plant and Texas PSR's stance that the health costs have not been included in retirement cost estimates.

January 2014 Newsletter

January's newsletter focuses on saying goodbye to 2013 with a list of Texas PSR's accomplishments and plans for 2014. A lecture announcement for Dallas, and a petition asking Trader Joe's to only sell antibiotic-free meats.

** Please feel free to review our archived Newsletters.**