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2012 Fall Event

October 3, 2012
Author: Chris Masey

APSR's 2012 Fall Event - Presidential Debate Potluck:

Watching the debates Overflow seating with happy customers

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Austin PSR held its fall event this year in a lovely private residence in West. Over twenty APSR members and friends brought a variety of tasty treats and an appetite for robust political discussion as we gathered to watch the first presidential debate.

This debate focused on domestic policy, and APSR was particularly interested in learning how both candidates would address key APSR and PSR issues including, renewable energy, air pollution, nuclear waste, and healthcare.

After the debate, the group discussed the implications that each candidate’s stance might have on APSR’s priority issues. Issues of concern were:

  • the continued use and expansion of use of fossil fuels (especially coal),
  • the need for (and support of) alternative and renewable energy sources,
  • the shift of public healthcare responsibility from the federal Government to the states,
  • government stalemate and inaction,
  • and government’s role in healthcare.

We will be closely watching the continuing debates at the federal level, and continue developing our positions on key issues in preparation for the upcoming Texas legislative session that starts in January 2013.

Thank you to everyone in attendance, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the spring.


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