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Join PSR's new campaign, Clean Energy Saves Lives. Each month you’ll take one simple action, educating your community and urging state decision-makers to opt for clean renewables and energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy

Clean and renewable energy sources offer the best option for eliminating the need for coal powered plants. Texas is a state rich in wind and solar capability.

Austin Energy (the city of Austin owned utility company) has several programs that allow you to tap into these sources.

The first program is Green Choice which allows your power to be 100% generated from renewable resources, the vast majority being wind.

The second is an incentive program recently approved by the Austin City Council that will provide a rebate to residential and commercial customers who install solar power technology. This incentive is sufficient to offset the cost of purchasing and installing this technology so that it is economically viable. Austin Energy has also arranged for special financing for residential customers wishing to install such technology. 

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