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Artists in Residence Program


by purchasing  DOWN WIND, DOWN RIVER: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by William Witherup WPSR/AiR.  $20 (includes shipping in U.S.)   60% of the proceeds will go to WPSR and its Mission TO STOP THE PRODUCTION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

WPSR APPOINTS FIRST ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE - BILL WITHERUP                                                                                                                            

On November 15 th , 2007, poet and playwright Bill Witherup was appointed to the position of “Artist-in-Residence” at WPSR. Witherup, a native Washingtonian whose father worked at Hanford, is the author of nine books of poetry and poetry in translation. Witherup has been active in the peace movement, in labor issues and as an advocate for prison reform since the 1970s. He sees the Artist-in-Residence position as “ a means of linking up the missions of WPSR with the literary and arts communities both in the United States and on the world stage.”

STATEMENT FROM THE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE “The expression and enjoyment of Art is evident in our evolutionary history, and is found throughout all cultures. Poets, painters, and musicians, for example, are scientists of emotion. The appreciation of Beauty is as necessary for our well being as nutrition, good parenting, and compassionate doctoring. I am honored, therefore, to be appointed Artist-in-Residence at WPSR and to lend my talents to the diminishment of violence and to the overall health of our lovely planet.”—Bill Witherup, Nov. 18, 2007

Photo credit: Greenway

WPSR - Artist-In-Residence (AiR) Guidelines

  1. Artist-in-Residence will link up WPSR with the literary, visual and musical arts in the greater Seattle area.
  2. Artist-in-Residence at WPSR will link up with the National PSR.
  3. Artist-in-Residence will link up WPSR with Artists-for-Peace on the international stage.
  4. Promote the arts as a means to engage people on the issues and mission of WPSR.
  5. Promote the coupling of art and science to forge a more healthy and peaceful world.
  6. Inspire young artists to engage in artistic endeavors related to the mission of WPSR.
  7. Give talks, introduce programs.
  8. Encourage the insertion of art in all WPSR programs – for example open WPSR Board of Directors meeting with an artistic reading.
  9. The AiR is encouraged to develop unique artistic works relevant to the WPSR mission.
  10. Inspire an appreciation of the arts.

Visit Healthy World Theater to read Bill's poems: Once By Hanford Reach, and Gathering Blackberries: Aug. 6, 1988, Forestville.


By [Bill Witherup]


The hummingbird's bill

Needles toward our future,

Where there may be less nectar

For all of us.

His tongue was stuck out -

As if trying to suck sugar

From an icy sky.


The mare galloped up to me

At the abandoned gas station.

She nuzzled my neck

To lick the sweat.

It was 110 degrees

In the shade -

Yet there were ice knots

In her mane.


These will be in my manuscript-in-progress, The Poet As Hornet.


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