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WPSR Speakers' Bureau

WPSR has brought together a diverse group of medical professionals and other experts able to speak on many of the most pressing regional, national, and international issues facing society today, with a particular focus on health and a medical perspective.

Our Speakers' Bureau includes members willing to present at grand rounds, brown bag lunches, or other meetings. We have spoken at schools, churches, hospitals, and other community settings.

Our current list of topics and speakers include:

Nuclear Weapons Issues & Security

  • Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Health and Environmental Effects of Nuclear Weapons
  • Trident Submarines: Washington State's Nuclear Stockpile

    • David C. Hall
    • Bruce Amundson

Hanford Nuclear Site

  • Hanford History and Contemporary Issues
  • Environmental and Health Impacts of Hanford Nuclear Reservation

    • Steven G. Gilbert

Nuclear Power

  • Economic, Waste, and Seismic Concerns Associated with Nuclear Power
  • Why Small Modular Reactors Are Not the Answer

    • Chuck Johnson
    • Tom Buchanan
    • Steven G. Gilbert

Climate Change

  • Health Effects of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: The Scientific Basis
  • Crude Oil Transportation and Storage Issues

    • Kenneth Lans
    • Bruce Amundson
    • Michael Soman
    • Mary Margaret Thomas

Environmental Toxins

  • Introduction to the Precautionary Principle
  • Introduction to Toxicology: Health Effects of Environmental Toxins

    • Steven G. Gilbert

Economic Inequality

  • How the Income Gap Affects Health Outcomes
  • U.S. Health in Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health

    • Stephen Bezruchka

Middle East Conflicts & Peace Efforts

  • Middle East: Humanitarian and Health Care Efforts

    • Gerri Haynes

Speaker Bios:

  • Bruce Amundson, MD, is a retired family physician and current president of WPSR. He has been an advocate for nuclear weapons abolition for over 40 years. He is also deeply engaged in climate change work as WPSR’s Climate Change Task Force co-chair.
  • Stephen Bezruchka, MD, MPH, is Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington. His focus is on creating greater public understanding of the determinants of health, and especially the importance of economic justice and attention to the first thousand days after conception, when perhaps half of our health as adults is programmed. Stephen coordinates the Population Health Forum.
  • Tom Buchanan has served on the board of WPSR for the past decade. He currently works on energy issues, focusing on the hazards of nuclear power and waste in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, is director and founder of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders. Dr. Gilbert’s toxicology research has focused on neurobehavioral effects of low-level exposure to lead and mercury on the developing nervous system. He authored A Small Dose of Toxicology: The Health Effects of Common Chemicals. He also runs the Toxipedia website.
  • David C. Hall, MD, is a child and family psychiatrist and a past president of local and national PSR. For over 20 years he has campaigned for the abolition of all weapons of mass destruction.
  • Gerri Haynes is a nurse consultant with expertise in palliative care and grief and bereavement. Gerri has led educational and medical delegations to Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.
  • Chuck Johnson directs the Oregon/Washington PSR Joint Nuclear Power Task Force. Chuck has researched and worked on issues of nuclear power and high-level radioactive waste for the past three decades.
  • Kenneth Lans, MD, is a founding member of WPSR and a retired general practice physician. He completed public action and speaking training through Climate Reality Project.
  • Mary Margaret Thomas, RN, MSN, co-chairs WPSR’s Climate Change Task Force. She is an environmental and occupational health nurse, and participated in clean-up efforts for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf.
  • Michael Soman, MD, MPH, is the recently retired President and Chief Medical Executive of Group Health Physicians. Michael is active around climate change issues, including being a member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

To arrange a speaker, please call 206-547-2630 or email