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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: WPSR organizes the Washington State healthcare community to pursue peace and health for the human community and the global ecosystem by empowering members, citizens and policy makers to develop and model for the rest of the nation socially just and life-enhancing policies regarding nuclear issues, climate change, environmental toxins, vulnerable populations and other risks to human health.

Strategic Plan, 2015

WPSR will be engaged in the following five program areas.


A. Weapons

Goal 1: Stop rebuild of Trident submarines

Goal 2: Build widespread awareness of nuclear weapons issues

B. Nuclear Power

Goal 1: Close the Columbia Generating Station

Goal 2: Prevent additional nuclear power reactors including small modular reactors (SMRs) from being built in the region

C. Hanford

Goal 1: Raise public awareness and understanding of lessons learned from Hanford, as a means to prevent future contamination of environment by nuclear waste

Goal 2: Create culture for publicly discussing and contributing to Hanford cleanup efforts

Goal 3: Be the primary “health voice” for Hanford clean-up efforts, ensuring that health and scientific facts are closely considered in the clean-up


Goal 1: Establish WPSR as the leading healthcare organization in WA on the health impacts of climate change

Goal 2: Educate and enlist physicians and other healthcare leaders and institutions to speak out on the health impacts of climate change

Goal 3: Gain public recognition for climate change as both a personal and public health issue

Goal 4: Provide medical voice for supporting low-carbon energy sources


Goal 1: Advocate for modifications to the Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Goal 2: Support and build public advocacy for national toxic reform legislation


Goal 1: Educate health professionals about the relationship between income inequality and health outcomes

Goal 2: Engage broader community involvement and learning about the equity-health relationship


Goal 1: Support peace initiatives in the Middle East, an area of nuclear risk

Goal 2: Continue sponsoring medical teams to Gaza, simultaneously providing service to vulnerable populations and promoting the larger goal of peace

Goal 3: Educate WPSR members and others in WA about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

For the full details of our strategic plan, click here.