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"Particles on the Wall" makes its debut!

January 3, 2010


WPSR in collaboration with Nancy Dickeman, Steven Gilbert and Dianne Dickeman and the Institute for Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders, is proud to announce the debut of Particles on the Wall which will be featured at the Allegro Café in Seattle University District from January 3rd through January 31st, 2010.


Particles on the Wall (POTW) is an interdisciplinary exhibit exploring elements of the nuclear age, science, Hanford history, their thread through our lives and their bearing on the Columbia River and natural world.  The exhibit interweaves visual art, poems, and science with history and memorabilia to address issues of radioactive contamination, nuclear weapons and technology in Washington State, and their roles in southeastern Washington’s desert landscape as well as impacts on local and global communities.


Exhibit contributors are: visual artists Mike Bristow, Janice Camp, Dianne Dickeman, T. Michael Gardiner, Gail Grinnell, Ruth Yarrow; literary artists Tom Buchanan, Nancy Dickeman, Kathleen Flenniken, William Witherup;  scientific information, Steven Gilbert, and history and memorabilia, Nancy Dickeman, Dianne Dickeman, Steven Gilbert, Gail Grinnell and Sandy Hankins.


On January 8th all are invited to an opening reception beginning at 7 pm, where attendees can visit with exhibit contributors and enjoy music by Cajun Radiation.


Particles on the Wall is dedicated to William Witherup, WPSR’s first Artist in Residence, who passed away in 2009.


“Particle and wave shimmered over the river stones.” ~ William Witherup



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