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National PSR Director Speaks at UW about Climate Change

July 6, 2014

On June 17th, PSR national executive director Dr. Catherine Thomasson gave a presentation at the UW School of Public Health on climate change and health impacts. Catherine shared an overview of the EPA’s proposed rule to reduce carbon pollution from coal and natural-gas fired power plants. In addition, she outlined guidelines issued to individual states for achieving the new carbon emissions reductions. This proposed “Clean Power Plan” would be the largest federal action to-date intended to mitigate climate change.

The comment period for the rule is now open; public comments must be submitted by October 16, 2014. We encourage you to share your support for this historic step to address climate change nationally, as well as share your suggestions on how to ensure the rule is as strong as possible.

To formally submit a comment, visit the government’s submission page.

For additional details about this rule, and how it has the potential to protect human health, visit PSR’s page.


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