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Sustainable Energy Policy

Sustainable Energy Policy: Key to solving Global Warming and Global Warring

The world needs a global energy plan SOON if we are to reverse global warming with its myriad costly and possibly devastating consequences. Coal-fired power plants, gas-guzzling cars and trucks, energy-wasting buildings, fossil-fuel dependent air travel, and lime for cement all contribute. Nuclear energy costs too much and diverts resources from quicker, more effective carbon-sparing technologies.

A number of energy plans have been offered. The challenge is to get policymakers to adopt a credible plan before we hit a tipping point and the problem soars out of control.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research founder Arjun Makhijani has recently published a comprehensive plan for carbon-free, nuclear free energy for the United States. The executive summary is available:

Abolition 2000 has a sustainable energy working group that published a report recently : http://www.ab




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