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Hanford Nuclear Reservation

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility Hanford Task Force was founded in 1980. WPSR alerted the public that no meaningful medical response exists to nuclear war, and that "prevention is the only cure." In the last decade, WPSR has added environmental and social concerns, including the huge threat which Hanford's nuclear waste poses to the Columbia River basin and beyond.

The WPSR Hanford Task Force has:

  • Led, together with the League of Women Voters, Plutonium Roundtable forums and pilot programs for a National Dialogue on radioactive waste disposition.
  • Provided medical perspectives in Hanford radioactive waste clean-up decisions through WPSR representation on the Hanford Advisory Board, Hanford Openness Panel and Hanford Public Interest Network meetings with the WA Department of Ecology.
  • Personally reached over 3,500 people around Washington State by presenting the program "Life or Half-Life: The Challenge of Hanford's Nuclear Waste."
  • Spearheaded Hanford Health of the Site conferences and Radiation Risk Communication courses.
  • Provided testimony from medical professionals at numerous hearings on Hanford issues.
  • Organized educational trips to the Hanford site by bus and the Columbia Reach by boat.
  • Alerted citizens to actions they can take to prevent disasters at Hanford through a Hanford Rapid Response Network with several hundred members.
  • Worked closely with other public interest groups in WA and OR to promote the permanent shutdown of the Fast Flux Test Facility at Hanford and to focus attention and funds on the legal mission of Hanford, clean-up.