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New Executive Director!

Tracy Bier, M Ed

September 12, 2011
Tracy Bier

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility is pleased to announce that Tracy Bier, M Ed, of Seattle, is the group's new Executive Director. Bier worked recently at the Region 10 Environmental Protection Agency where she  created an award-winning Environmental Justice program and helped enforce Safe Drinking Water Act regulations. Bier launched a regional publication for school facility managers to help protect children from asbestos, mercury and lead contamination in Northwest schools. 

As a consultant, Bier has worked with the NOAA National Fisheries Center, the Northwest Kidney Center, Puget Sound Blood Center, and the Speech and Hearing Center. She has assisted many nonprofit and government groups to create improved systems for strategic planning, issue marketing and outreach, and to build new programs and initiatives.  Previously, Bier was a lobbyist in Congress and in the Montana State Legislature. Bier has worked in health care, agriculture and education. She also coordinates the Seattle group called Upping Technology for Underserved Neighbors (UPTUN). The volunteer group advocates against "digital redlining" in numerous inner city neighborhoods.  A former teacher, Tracy received a bachelor's degree from the University of Montana and a master's from the University of Vermont. 

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR) is located in the University of Washington neighborhood and is the state chapter of the national group Physicians for Social Responsibility, located in Washington, D.C.  WPSR is composed of activist physicians, medical professionals, community groups and volunteers. The group's mission is to champion and advocate for a chemical-free, peaceful and sustainable world through various programs, projects and advocating at the local, state and federal arenas.  For more information or 206-547-2630.