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WPSR members travel to the Gaza Strip

May 21, 2010

On Sunday May 16th, nine PSR members crossed into the Gaza Strip via the Erez checkpoint. Assisted by Israeli authorities, the 9 delegates will spend 10 days in Gaza. The group is comprised of Richard Grady, Pediatric Urology; David Hall, Child and Family Psychiatry; Laura Hart, Urology; Robert Haynes, Cardiology; Donald Mellman, Neurosurgery; Howard Putter, Orthopedics. Minister/counselor: Anne Hall. Nurse consultants: Debra Goff, Gerri Haynes. While in country, the delegates are supporting colleagues in hospitals and clinics, and trying to learn more about the ongoing siege, the effects of Operation Cast Lead, and what life is like for Gazans on a daily basis. The delegation is hosted by the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme and Al Awda Hospital.

WPSR board member and trip leader Gerri Haynes is blogging while the group travels. To read her blog, click here.





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