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Demand that the Department of Energy uphold its promise of a full cleanup of SSFL by submitting a comment today.

In the News

WPSR board members and volunteers are working to raise awareness of nuclear weapons policy. See our most recent published pieces below:

"Next president has a nuclear option: Scrap the program," David Hall and Leonard Eiger, The Seattle Times, September 27, 2016.
"We are looking for leaders who understand that nuclear weapons are immoral and must never be used. Nuclear weapons threaten genocide on a scale that decision-makers refuse to talk about."

"We Are Pushing the Nuclear Fire Alarm," Judith Eve Lipton, Psychology Today, March 30, 2016.
Dr. Judith Lipton lays out the high-level risk of nuclear war humanity is facing due to the many nations (including the United States) who refuse to dial back their nuclear arsenals.

"Three minutes to midnight no time to rebuild Trident missiles," David C. Hall, The Herald of Everett, January 30, 2016.
Dr. David Hall explains that America is fueling a new nuclear arms race by updating its nuclear arsenal, including the Trident warships in the Puget Sound.

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