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Tell your U.S. Representative to vote against H.R. 806 which weakens delays implementation of the updated ozone rules by eight years and tries to dismantle the Clean Air Act.

Washington State's Connection to Nuclear Weapons

The Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base, just 20 miles from Seattle, has the largest concentration of deployed nuclear weapons in the United States. If WA were a country, it would have the third largest nuclear stockpile in the world.

In Hanford, WA, the legacy of nuclear weapons production is felt by communities around the Hanford Nuclear Site, the most contaminated nuclear site in the US, undergoing the most extensive environmental clean-up in the country.  

Here's how we are working to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons:

Building a coalition of peace, labor, environmental, faith, health, and social justice organizations.

View our coalition sign-on letter here.

View our list of coalition members here.

Engaging our Congress members on this issue and urging them to become champions for nuclear disarmament.

View the letter we sent to Sen. Murray with our coalition partners here.

Contact Rep. Reichert on Nuclear Weapons

Contact Rep. Smith on Nuclear Weapons

Holding outreach and educational events in the community.

See the trailer of Command and Control, a new documentary on a near nuclear catastrophe, here.

Get involved!

We need your help to win tangible steps towards a nuclear-free world. To join our coalition as an organization, join our Task Force as an individual, or volunteer in another capacity, contact Lilly Adams at