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When natural gas and oil are extracted, methane -- a potent greenhouse gas -- leaks into the atmosphere from the wells, compressors, pipes and other infrastructure. Tell EPA to regulate methane now!


Physicians for Social Responsibility recognizes global warming and nuclear weapons as the preeminent threats to the health of our nation and the world. As health care professionals and individuals concerned for the survival of our nation and the planet, we are calling on our elected officials to curb greenhouse gas emissions, eliminate pollution and toxins from our environment and abolish nuclear weapons.

The work of PSR Wisconsin is guided by a steering committee. The members of the steering committee are: Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD; Ann Behrmann, MD; Bob Block, MD; Bernie Micke, MD; Karin Ringler, PhD; Paula Rogge, MD; Amy Schulz, RN (President); Melissa Stiles, MD; Monica Vohmann, MD. The committee generally meets on the third Sunday of each month.  Contact the PSR Wisconsin office if you are interested in joining the steering committee or volunteering for one of our programs, tel. 608/232-9945.

PSR Wisconsin is a incorporated chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Please add your voice to the 400 PSR Wisconsin member and donors fighting for a sustainable environment and the abolition of nuclear weapons. 

PSR Wisconsin is a 501(c)3 organization and registered as a charitable organization with the State of Wisconsin.  We rely on the generosity of our members and donors to fund our work.  As a proud member agency of Community Shares of Wisconsin, you can designate PSR Wisconsin in your fall Community Shares of Wisconson workplace giving campaign.  Thank you for your generous support!