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Carbon-Free, Nuclear Free Wisconsin

The Carbon-Free, Nuclear Free Wisconsin Coalition asserts that energy efficiency and renewable energy are cleaner, cheaper and safer and more effective solutions to global warming than nuclear power.

The coalition supports greatly increasing our investments in energy efficiency in all sectors of the economy, setting stringent and aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets, and obtaining 25% of our energy by 2030, with a long-term goal of 100% renewable sources by 2050.  Investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy will help Wisconsin reduce emissions of global warming pollution while strengthening Wisconsin’s economy and creating jobs.

Wisconsin wisely passed a state law (Wisc. Stat. 196.493) in 1983 that prohibits the construction of new nuclear power plants unless two conditions are met: (1) There is a federally-licensed facility to dispose of high-level radioactive waste from the reactors, and (2) The Public Service Commission finds that the nuclear power plant is economically advantageous to Wisconsin ratepayers.  The CFNF Wisconsin Coalition works to preserve this law, which protects ratepayers from risky investment in new nuclear reactors, and protects Wisconsin’s environment and public health from ever increasing on-site storage of radioactive waste.

Nuclear waste is currently stored on site at the one operating nuclear power facilitie, the Point Beach nuclear power plant, in northeastern Wisconsin.   Waste is also stored in Genoa, Wisconsin, at the dismantled, but not fully decommissioned, Dairyland Power plant and at the site of the Kewuanee power plant which was shut down in April 2013.  Radioactive waste is also stored at the Prairie Island plant across the Mississippi River in Minnesota, and just over the state-line in Illinois at numerous sites.

As policymakers propose solutions to the climate crisis, the CFNF Wisconsin Coalition works to keep the goals of a carbon-free and nuclear-free energy economy.  For more information on CFNF Wisconsin, go to the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice Website,  There you can sign up to receive email event notices, action alerts and information on nuclear power in Wisconsin. 



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