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Air Quality and Global Warming

The adverse health impacts of climate change are already being felt worldwide.  Global warming contributes to disease and premature death from heat waves, extreme weather events, reduced air quality, malnutrition and infectious disease.  According to a July 2008 study, 70% of US Public Health directors believed that their jurisdiction had already experienced climate change in the past 20 years, and 78% felt that  their jurisdiction will experience climate change in the ext 20 years (Maibach,, 2008, Climate Change & Local Public health in the United States: Preparedness, Programs & perceptions of local public health department directors, Center for Climate Change Communications, George Mason University).  In May 2013, we reached 400 ppm of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.  Global warming will continue with grave consequences to our health and our economy.

PSR Wisconsin works to educate policy makers, health care providers and the public about the negative health impacts of climate change, and the urgent need for a new energy economy.  Wisconsin relies on coal-fired electrical generation for three-quarters of its energy.  PSR Wisconsin supports efforts to uphold the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and strong regulation of coal ash pits.  We support the Clean Air Act and recognize that the greatest benefits to public health will be acheived by working both to improve air quality through regulation and expanding clean energy and transportation options.

PSR Wisconsin works in the following areas to combat global warming and support Wisconsin's role in the energy economy:

Educate the public, health professionals, and policy makers about the grave health threats presented by our current energy policies.

Encourage divestment from fossil fuel industries by individuals, municipalities, retirement and investment funds.

Advocate with our federal legislators to support a national carbon fee and dividend to "kick start" the renewable energy economy.

Promote state-wide policies of environmental conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy as sustainable solutions to global warming.

Support health-promoting transportation and urban planning that encourages walkable, bikable communities with robust public transit options.

You can join PSR Wisconsin in this work.  Please contact or by phone at 608/232-9945.

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