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Health Voices for Clean Air

Health Voices for Clean Air is PSR’s fall 2012 campaign to raise the voices of health professionals in support of clean air through advocating for strong standards and responsible protection for health and the environment by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   Health Voices for Clean Air will raise the voices of medical and healthcare professionals and concerned citizens as they become informed and empowered to demand clean air to breathe.

In the coming months the campaign will feature talks to the general public and presentations to medical professionals by Alan Lockwood, MD FAAN, speaking on the true costs of fossil fuels to human health and the air we breathe. Dr. Lockwood’s new book The Silent Epidemic will be released by MIT Press in September.  Check back soon for details about opportunities to hear Dr. Lockwood speak about his work this fall.   

Health Voices for Clean Air is currently focused on Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  Dr. Lockwood will be traveling to the first four states and Catherine Thomasson, MD, PSR Executive Director, will be the featured speaker in Virginia.

We need the medical community’s powerful voice to weigh in on these critical policy issues as we fight for a healthier future. To start there is an action alert urging EPA to set stronger standards for particulate matter, this is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

For more information please view current event listings.

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