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Health Professional
Call to Action on Global Warming

We, the undersigned healthcare professionals, deans, professors, faculty, and students of professional healthcare schools, are writing to express our serious concern about continued U.S. inaction to address the very real and growing public health threat of global climate change. We call on members of Congress to support national legislation requiring mandatory controls to slow, stop and reverse the emission of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

The American health care community calls for immediate action to address the threats posed by global warming:

  • In order to prevent this growing public health threat it is necessary to dramatically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases on a global level.
  • As a primary contributor to global warming, it is necessary for the U.S. to adopt mandatory regulations that control the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • The United States Congress, with the support of the administration, should move forward immediately to pass legislation that will implement a stringent global warming control program.
  • This legislation should be comprehensive in scope and should ensure that carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere do not reach 450 parts per million and should prevent the global average temperature from increasing by an additional 2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Global warming initiatives, including efficiency and clean renewable energy sources, should be implemented immediately utilizing the most efficient and cost effective means to achieve greenhouse gas reductions in order to protect the American public.

Addressing global warming should be seen not just as a responsibility, but also as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to increase our nation's energy security, boost our nation's economic competitiveness and create healthier communities. As healthcare professionals deeply concerned about the health of our nation, we ask that you and your colleagues seize this opportunity by immediately enacting legislation to slow, stop and reverse the emission of greenhouse gases.