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Climate Change Makes Me Sick!: Allergies

"Climate Change Makes Me Sick" is PSR's Spring 2016 campaign highlighting the many ways that climate change harms our health. The campaign features a series of e-postcards, each displaying a different health impact. Below, you will also find more detailed information, resources, and opportunities to take climate-protective action.

Spread the knowledge! Please feel free to share, re-post and print our e-cards.

How does climate change impact my allergies?

  • Warming temperatures lead to an earlier flowering time and an extended allergy season. This prolongs the suffering of people with seasonal nasal allergies.

  • Higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere not only increase climate change, they also alter the growth process of certain plants, especially those which are most allergenic.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. Besides harming the lungs directly, NOx are part of the formation of ground-level ozone.

  • Ozone and NOx both contribute to chemical modifications in allergenic proteins, making pollens more potent.

  • Nearly 30% of people worldwide suffer from seasonal nasal allergies.

What can I do to help fight climate change?

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Page Updated August 26, 2016