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Make a difference in the challenge to confront global warming and prevent nuclear war and the development and use of nuclear weapons.

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Guided by the values and expertise of medicine and public health, Physicians for Social Responsibility works to protect humanity from the gravest threats to health and survival. Right now, you can make a difference by registering your comments on the EPA's new Clean Power rule to limit carbon from existing coal-burning power plants. Just click the button to get started.

Climate Change and Health Resources

PSR Climate Change Handouts

Climate Change: The Health Impacts
A new handout from PSR summarizing the health impacts of climate change.

Climate and Health: Heat
A fact sheet from PSR on the heat-related health effects of climate change.

Climate and Health: Climate Change Contaminates Your Water
A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change impacts water safety.

Climate and Health: Insect-borne Diseases
A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change spreads insect-borne diseases.

Climate and Health: Wildfires
A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change worsens wildfires.

Climate and Health: Storms and Sea Level
A fact sheet from PSR on how climate worsens extreme weather.

Climate Change and Famine
A fact sheet from PSR on how climate change is already threatening the Earth's ability to produce food.

PSR Webinars on Climate Change and Health

PSR launched a series of webinars in 2013 offering factual information on climate change's dangerous impacts on our health and well-being. Each webinar also presents hands-on advice on an advocacy skill or an action you can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or promote clean, healthy renewable energy alternatives.

Did you miss any of our webinars? View them here, or download the slideshows to present them yourself:

May 2013 | Extreme Weather: Impacts on Public Health
Slideshow | Video

June 2013 | Heat's Deadly Effects
| Video

August 2013 | The Spread of Insect-borne and Water-borne Disease
Slideshow | Outline

September 2013 | Climate Change and Conflict

November 2013 | The Science of Shale Gas