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Medical Alliance to Stop Global Warming

Medical Alliance

The Medical Alliance to Stop Global Warming recognizes
global warming as a preeminent public health threat to
our nation and the world.

Act Now and Sign on to the Health Professional Call to Action

Fighting global warming, ending our dependence on oil, and protecting public health. Fighting global warming, ending our dependence on oil, and protecting public health. Scientific consensus in the international community recognizes the very real threat of a changing climate due to greenhouse gas emissions. Our pattern of fossil fuel consumption is not sustainable. Unchecked, global warming will lead to increased heat-related illness and death, more intense droughts, famine, floods and storms, increased pest and water borne diseases, increased respiratory and cardiovascular disease as a result of worsening air quality, and displace hundreds of thousands from their homes. We call on our elected officials to immediately implement mandatory national global warming emission reductions, utilizing the most efficient and cost effective means, to achieve greenhouse gas reductions in order to protect the health of the American people and our neighbors across the world.

Read the Call to Action.

Sign on to the Call to Action.

The Medical Alliance will send your endorsement to the Bush Administration,
and all members of Congress.The Medical Alliance Presents OHSU's Climate Change Film Series

The Medical Alliance to Stop Global Warming is a joint effort of Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (SPSR) and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA). This collaborative campaign is working with student leaders to bring the critical issue of global warming to medical schools around the nation and to encourage health professionals young and old to adopt energy-efficient lifestyles. Medical students and professionals can play an important role in the effort to fight global warming.

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The Medical Alliance has compiled a wealth of resources that you can use to educate and organize campuses to take action on global warming. Download them by clicking on the links below.

Next planning call:
Join us on our next conference call regarding National Public Health Week & Earth Day event planning:

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 @ 8:30 PM Eastern
Call in number: (218) 936-1200, code 132435#