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PSR Member Cycles Across Country to Educate on Health Effects of Climate Change

Longtime PSR member Wendy Ring, MD is hitting the road this summer and fall, crossing the country on her bicycle to raise awareness on the health effects of climate change. PSR supports her tour and will be updating you with her progress as she travels. She could be coming your way! Check her route here:\

For a full and updated list of the cities she will be visiting, go to

Dr. Ring is a rural family physician from California trained in both medicine and public health. She has dedicated her career to meeting the needs of the medically underserved such as the uninsured, the homeless, undocumented immigrants, and others lacking access to health care. Dr. Ring has been recognized by the US Congress, the California State Legislature, and the California and American Medical Associations for her innovative work. She was also named one of America’s Five Best Doctors and the nation’s best Healer by Readers Digest.

The health effects of climate change are already being felt in the United States, resulting in thousands of emergency room visits, hospitalizations and deaths from a variety of respiratory, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.  Dr. Ring presents on climate change’s health effects, including heat-related illness and death, and the impacts of flooding, drought, and extreme weather. She advocates for replacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy.

Join Dr. Ring and act now to protect our planet and our people from climate catastrophe.  For information on how to get involved, contact us at