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Another Iowa Win Against Coal

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on March 23, 2009

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Iowa PSR, in partnership with sister organizations and the help of dedicated activists across the state, has prevented the construction of a potentially very dirty, unhealthy, 650-MW coal-fired power plant in the town of Marshalltown.

This was Iowa PSR's second victory over dirty coal.  Earlier, it helped halt plans to build a 750 MW coal plant in the town of Waterloo.

"Time for a little celebration," said Iowa PSR coordinator Maureen McCue, MD.

Iowa PSR pursued a sophisticated and varied array of tactics in winning these victories.  They included:

  • Expert testimony at plant hearings, including PSR/national's Kristen Welker-Hood, ScD and renowned climatologist James Hansen, PhD.
  • Partnership with organizations including Plains Justice, Community Energy Solutions, Iowa Renewable Energy Association, and Interfaith Power & Light.
  • A joint letter from Iowa PSR and the Iowa Nurses' Association, urging the state to better protect Iowans from fine particulate air pollution before issuing air permits for the two proposed plants.
  • "Code Black" newspaper ads in local papers around Marshalltown.
  • Outreach to and education of county boards of health.

To read how Dr. McCue reached out to county boards of health, see the blog entry for Dec. 2, 2008. For a full view of Iowa PSR's successes across 2008, see their annual report.


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