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PSR Helps Make Climate History

Posted by Barbara Gottlieb on September 22, 2014
Peter Wilk MD, PSR board member and former executive director, is interviewed by the press.

The People’s Climate March made history as the world’s largest demonstration on climate – and PSR was there to help.  PSR led the health delegation, which brought together not only PSR representatives but also many of the health organizations PSR collaborates with, including Healthcare without Harm, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, and the National Medical Association.

We marched through Manhattan with an estimated 400,000 people, both young and old.  Vivid, often homemade signs voiced the concerns that motivated the crowd, ranging from protecting air quality to fighting fracking to being “good ancestors” for the generations to come.

Lauren Zajak, MD MPH, is active in PSR-NY and helped mobilize area health professionals.

Concern over the impacts of fossil fuels was the unifying theme.  Extracting and burning fossil fuels drives climate change, and climate change’s impacts on health are indisputable.  Devastating storms, heat waves, damage to the food supply, and expanded ranges for insect-borne diseaseare only some of its effects.

Whether you were at the march or not, you can take the next step for a healthy climate.  Tell the Environmental Protection Agency that its Clean Energy Plan, which will require states to slash their carbon pollution from power plants, is a valuable step forward for public health.


JackieO said ..

This march was one of the best with all people within its boundries, I am impressed and wish I could have been there but in a way I certainy was, we need to stand behind this kind of a momement, thanks.

September 22, 2014

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